The Flight of the Hog Wild
Delving into North Korea's Long Nuclear Pastt
Bill Streifer and Irek Sabitov

"Last night while cleaning out my old files, I came across a letter I have written to my friend, Arnold Kramish [a Manhattan Project physicist and the author of "Atomic Energy in the Soviet Union"], many decades ago on the very subject you have been struggling with. I hope you enjoy reading it. I am really amazed at the fine work you have accomplished on this subject. Hope you win the Pulitzer Prize and 'get rich.'"
- Minoru "Frank" Kawamoto
Tokyo, Japan

"Thank you, thank you for your courage and persistence in solving this great mystery! All society is deeply indebted to you and your co-author, Russian reporter Irek Sabitov, and Stanford physicist Kenneth N. Ricci."
- Oliver K. Manuel
Professor of Nuclear Chemistry

Dr. Manuel is a friend and colleague of the late- Paul Kuroda at the Univerity of Arkansas, the Japanese chemist who was asked to destroy Yoshio Nishina's documents, but didn't. Instead, he delivered them to the U.S.

"The sooner your book comes out the better. It is a crucial part of the history that must finally come out. I'll be first in line to buy a copy."
- Richard Thornton, Lt. Col. (ret.)
Professor of History and International Affairs
George Washington University

"Your book can open the world's eyes to the fact that Japan actually had *better* resources than Germany, mainly in the fact that the Konan plant was not being monitored as carefully as the Norsk Hydro plant. So Japan could have done it. [built and tested an atomic bomb] That is a revelation."
~ ~ ~
"The research you have done for your book shows amply that they had the industrial capacity at Konan, they had the scientific knowledge in Nishina, Arakatsu, and their colleagues, and they had the essential raw material in sufficient quantity on the Korean peninsula. The only question open to history is whether or not they chose to commit those resources with sufficient time, money, manpower, and focus to make a heavy water breeder reactor or to enrich U-235 in sufficient quantity."
- Dr. Kenneth N. Ricci
Applied Nuclear Physicist
Stanford University

"Bill is a talented and thorough author of fine historically accurate literature. His writing and research provide great insight into murky historical facts. It was a great experience working with Bill during his research phase of writing. Anyone who enjoys history should read "The Flight of the Hog Wild" by Bill Streifer [and Irek Sabitov]."
- Marcus Wesaw
former Air Traffic Controller
U.S. Navy

"I read your articles about Operation Eagle and Operation Cardinal with much enjoyment. They are richly researched and tell an intriguing story about a chaotic, perilous moment between the end of one global conflict and the beginning of another. They promise very well for your book project on the Hog Wild, for whose successful completion I send the best of wishes."
- Hugh Wilford
Professor of History
University of California - Long Beach

"I read your "Hungnam, North Korea: Delving into Pyongyang's Long Nuclear Past." [in] You've really delved into [North Korea's] North's nuclear development not too many journalists could tell. I thought it was beautifully written, easy to read and flows without stumbling. I'm learning. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to work with you. "
- Sang So-nam
Seoul, Korea

"Thanks for your concern about our national security -- all U.S. citizens should be so involved!"
- William C. Spracher
Editor, American Intelligence Journal

"You are damn good at research and writing."
- Patrick A. Tillery
Kilroy Was Here

"I'd like to hear your news. I don't think I asked you for any promises and I can't give you any. But if you are the one who deserves the credit, you will get it. I don't know any other way to write nonfiction. I am aware of the shoot down and that it may have been because of what was going on at Konan. I do plan to write more and if you are the expert on this or the one who dug it up, it will be you that I contact and credit as a way to get into it - just as I did Snell. Sounds like you are doing well and that is good."
- Robert K. Wilcox
Japan's Secret War

"Keep up the exciting work."
- Minoru "Frank" Kawamoto
Japanese-American and WWII veteran
Tokyo, Japan

"Thank you for your letter to Congresswoman Schakowsky,
it’s a remarkable story!"
- Leslie Combs
District Director
Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky

"I enjoyed your article, and look forward to "Hog Wild"--which I had never heard of. I also enjoyed the line--you speak Russian, but you're not a Russian, so you must be a spy. Get out of here or go to Siberia. Sheila Fitzpatrick had an article in the London Review of Books a while back about studying in the USSR in the 1960s and, being fluent in Russian but an Australian, she was always assumed to be a spy."

"Again, you have fascinating information."
~ ~ ~

"I enjoyed your NK News article...
You know more than I do about Mr. Do."
- Prof. Bruce Cumings
University of Chicago
historian and authority on North Korea

"Bill, I hope [we] can help your very exciting book project."
- Terry Shima
Executive Director of the Japanese American Veterans Association (JAVA)

Irek Sabitov and I are in the process of attempting to contact the head of North Korea via the DPRK Embassy in Moscow. When Walter J. Boyne was informed of our effort to have North Korea acknowledge that their fishermen saved the lives of members of the Hog Wild crew on August 29, 1945, this was Boyne's response:
"That's sensational, Bill, you may be for North Korea what Nixon was for China!!! Good luck"
- Walter J. Boyne
United States Air Force
combat veteran and aviation historian
former Director, National Air & Space Museum

"I have not heard of 'Hog Wild,' and your research will pull the curtain back on some lost history."
- Von Hardesty
Curator, National Air & Space Museum

"Extraordinary research. This will be quite a story."
~ ~ ~

"Everything I'm hearing suggests that you have a potential best-seller, or at least a history book that would be of great interest to a huge number of people."
- Robert F. Dorr
former U.S. diplomat and military writer

"I will read your book with great interest."
- Sergei Khrushchev
Brown University
son of Nikita Khrushchev

"Great to learn that your co-authored work will be forthcoming soon. I look forward to reading it!"
- Dr. Hsiao-ting Lin
Curator of the East Asian Collection
Hoover Institution

"I'm really interested in your book, particularly since the fate of American airmen over Soviet territory is a 'forgotten' aspect of WW2."
- Michael Puttré
Editor-in-Chief of eDefense Online and the Journal of Electronic Defense

"It sounds like a fascinating book."
- Dr. Michael S. Goodman
Department of War Studies
King's College, London

"I cannot wait for publication. It has always interesting for me to read how foreigners see what I have seen until now. Your work will definitely contribute to expanding the realm of people's knowledge and, of course, mine."
- Jeongchul Shin
former student
Far Eastern Federal University
Vladivostok, Russia

I’ll see you on the History Channel someday...
the last bomber forced down in WWII / the first Cold War Incident."
- Robert C. Sligh, USAF (civ)
Fifth Air Force historian
Yokota Air Base, Japan

"Your talents and aptitudes for the horizons/depths of the
Hog Wild saga are beyond incredible."
- John Bybee
U.S. Army 196th Ordinance Battalion
Special Weapons, Okinawa 1968-1970
Military Researcher

"What a story!"
Amber Paranick
Serial & Government Publications Division
Library of Congress

"It sounds like a great mystery."
- Thomas Allen
author of Spy Book: The Encyclopedia of Espionage

"I am pleased to hear that your research turned up so much solid evidence. Should be a great story."
- Allan R. Millet
Professor Emeritus of History
Mershon Center for International Security Studies

"Wow... I am really impressed by what you have uncovered. The book should prove remarkable!"
~ ~ ~

You are doing a great service to military history and to the history of the nuclear program...with your manuscript. And I love the idea that the date of 29 August was selected intentionally to honor the Hog Wild Incident!
- Benjamin D. Garrett
FBI Senior Scientist
Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

"This is most interesting."
- Matt Schudel
The Washington Post

"Your story... is a fascinating one. It speaks to both the success of the Manhattan Project in keeping itself secret and the incredibility that an atomic bomb was possible at all. "
- Richard Rhodes
two-time Pulitzer Prize winner
author of The Making of the Atomic Bomb

"I just wish I had talked to you before writing my article for Air Force Magazine [about the Soviet Tu-4 program]"
- Walter J. Boyne
United States Air Force
combat veteran and aviation historian
former Director, National Air & Space Museum

"Great Cold War history."
- Gary Powers, Jr.
son of Francis Gary Powers
U-2 spyplane pilot

"Your many findings, excellent, very exciting.
Many clear connections with chemistry: research, technology, manufacturing..."
- Jeffrey Seeman
Chair, American Chemical Society Division of the History of Chemistry

"What you say is really incredible.
So incredible, I even doubted for a second if it's not a joke of some sort."
~ ~ ~

"This is most impressive you have dug so deeply... I am quite sure that filming rights will be quite beneficial when your book is released...perhaps not just as a documentary, but also, a full-motion action 'based on true events' (movie) would be a blockbuster."
- Philipp Ton
CEO, 21e Creative
Russian Federation

"What an interesting story!"
~ ~ ~

"MacArthur's reaction fits with everything we know about him in terms of his attitude to the Russians."
Richard J Aldrich
author of The Clandestine Cold War in Asia

"Very interesting story, indeed."
- Philippe Vernimmen
QM Depot
Brussels, Belgium

"Extremely facinating, the tip of knowledge. I feel blessed."
- David Galvan
Son of the late Capt. Robert A. Galvan,
40th BW, 325 Sq. B-47E at Smoky Hill, AFB KS

"I found your explanation of the Hog Wild’s role in the Tu-4 very interesting. It seems very consistent with Soviet practices."
~ ~ ~

"I think that it is entirely possible that the 'Hog Wild' was conducting photographic aerial reconnaissance."
- Dr. John T. Farquhar
(Civ.) United States Air Force Academy
instructor, Air University

"This is fascinating stuff
and an area not well covered by prior publications."
- Dr. Carlo Kopp
Editor, Air Power Australia

"An interesting story."
- Mike Mucha
Military Aviation Historian/author
Polish Aircraft MIA Project, Warsaw

"From what I’ve read of it,
it seems a very well-researched piece."
- Gene Vandament
Army Aviation, Vietnam War

"Very interesting reading."
- Nolan F. Strange
B-17 / B-29 pilot, WWII and Korean War veteran

"That is going to be one hellava book..."
- Patrick A. Tillery

"Awesome read. I am enjoying it."
- D.J. "Duke" Dukesherer
Columnist for the "Westchester Hometown News" and author

"A truly fascinating story with really great potential."
- David de Botton
F-111 expert and webmaster of

"I wish my father was still with us so he could share his memories of the beginning of the nuclear age, a little-known segment of which Bill Streifer has brought to light in this fascinating book about the crew of the B-29, "Hog Wild"
- Mark Miller
son of Uline Charles Miller
B-29 flight engineer during the Bikini atomic tests in 1946

"What a great historical find!"
- Julie Ganis
Curator, Eden (NC) Historical Museum

"...your premise sounds very real and possible."
- Glen Yeadon
author of The Nazi Hydra in America

"It is well known, regarding the mercury and food chain contamination. I'm not as familiar with the yellow cake that may have been transported [to Japan] in the mercury [in the German submarine U-864], but it is compelling."
- Claudette Bethune
Senior Scientist, Department of Seafood Safety
Government of Norway

"I'm sure you will be a legend."
- Bill Copeland
Commemorative Air Force (CAF)

"I smell Pulitzer!"
- Donna Bergstrom
independent researcher, U.S. National Archive



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