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The Flight of the Hog Wild B-29 WWII
The Flight of the Hog Wild in a Nutshell: CLICK HERE
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with an introduction by...
Dr. Benjamin C. Garrett
FBI Senior Scientist
Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) forensic lab - Quantico, Virginia

Two weeks after WWII had ended, Soviet fighters forced down an American B-29 bomber while on a POW supply mission to Konan, Korea (now Hungnam, North Korea)...
"Why would the Soviets have taken this unusual and provocative step? What was so valuable in Konan that they wished to ensure that they possessed and that they denied it to their allies? How might Konan figured into the overall Japanese program of building a nuclear weapon - a nuclear program that the Americans and British appear to have convinced themselves as rudimentary at best and most likely one focused on nuclear energy, not nuclear weaponry. Streifer and Sabitov present their case for answers to these questions and others as they recount events brought into focus by The Flight of the Hog Wild."
-- Dr. Benjamin C. Garrett

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David Snell's 1946 Atlanta Constitution Article
[ It mentions B-29 "Hog Wild"! ]

The "Hog Wild" Story in Russia...
The Flight of the Hog Wild in Russian
-- in Russian --

Six members of the Hog Wild crew: Marion Sherrill, Eugene Harwood, Jesse Owens, Robert Campbell, Douglas Arthur and Lucius Weeks have been nominated and approved for membership in the Goldfish Club.

Read "The Goldfish Club" by Bill Streifer
Goldfish Club members are airmen who bailed out and who would not have survived if not for their Mae West jacket or personal flotation device.

The Goldfish Club patch
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"Congratulations, Bill. I consider that a badge of honor
and the ultimate mark of credibility!"
- Patrick A. Tillery
The Flight of the Hog Wild story is now a blog at the National Library of Scotland

"Great Bill, congratulations! Well deserved!"
Walt J. Boyne: Director, National Air and Space Museum

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Bill Streifer
Historian and Researcher:
The history of intelligence and nuclear weapons
[ Long Island, New York ]

Intelligence/Nuclear/B-29 Articles by Bill Streifer
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OSS Society Journal, Summer/Fall 2010

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Do Sang-rok: The "Father" of North Korea's Nuclear Weapons Program?, May 2013
Huffington Post "Recommended Article."

"I enjoyed your NK News article, which I read some time ago. You know more than I do about Mr. Do."
- Bruce Cumings
America's #1 authority on North Korea
Hungnam, North Korea: Pyongyang's Long Nuclear History, June 2013

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The Last Flight of the "Hog Wild"
(in Russian)

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American Intelligence Journal, Vol. 31, No. 1, 2013

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Two CIA Reports: Hungnam, North Korea
American Intelligence Journal, Vol. 32, No. 1, 2014
Coming Soon

Irek Sabitov
Newspaper Editor and Journalist
[ Ufa, Russia ]

... and now the Hog Wild is a BIG STORY in Russia!
Arguments of the Week

"The Last Flight of the Hog Wild : The Japanese Nuclear Bomb
Slipped Into the Hands of North Korea"
by Irek Sabitov & Bill Streifer
Arguments of the Week, August 12-18, 2010
Circulation: 587,000 / week (including Moscow) [Gallup Media]
“interesting and multidimensional”
- Korea expert Roald Saveliyev (Russia)
Bill Streifer and Irek Sabitov
The Last Flight of the "Hog Wild"
-- in Russian--, September 16, 2013

The Hog Wild was forced down on August 29, 1945 over the city of Konan (now Hungnam, North Korea).

This is not the Hog Wild but they suffered similar damage

This is not the Hog Wild, although it suffered similar damage after being fired upon and forced down by Soviet Yak fighters.

Order of the Red Banner

This is the Order of the Red Banner,
awarded to the Russian Yak fighter pilots
who shot down the Hog Wild, an American B-29 Superfortress on a POW supply mission.

Konan POW Camp
This is the Konan POW Camp in Hungnam, North Korea where the 13-man crew of the Hog Wild - along with 354 Allied POWs - were interned for sixteen days, while Soviet and American commanders negotiated for their release.

The Hog Wild crew, Allied POWs, and Russians

Soviet officers, Allied POWs and the crew of the Hog Wild ... in Hungnam, North Korea.

Konan POW camp and chemical plant

Konan POW camp and chemical plant in the background where it was rumored that atomic bomb work was being carried out by the Japanese.
book cover Hog Wild B-29 WWII

"The more I read of your research, the stranger the whole affair becomes. Some of your work is bringing back memories and questions I had at the time but dismissed as contemporary events, overwhelmed my attention."

- Staff Sgt. Arthur Strilky
Hog Wild's Radio Operator

"Your website is thought-provoking and spectacular."

- Leigh Grant
daughter of Lieutenant John Grant, an "observer" aboard the Hog Wild

"I learned much of interest & think others will find it of interest, too. The potential audience, based on a single chapter, strikes me as vast: historians of assorted types (military, diplomacy, Soviet affairs, Korean studies, Japanese studies), conspiracy theorists (information withheld by whom & why?), Cold War & Korean Conflict enthusiasts & students of the atomic bomb.

My comments will follow later but I remain impressed by the research & by the results...

I found the details in Chapter 9 terrific. The story is compelling, especially for someone with an interest in the field but otherwise ignorant on the periods when the Japanese occupied the area and were producing materials for use during World War II, as well as the early years of Soviet occupation following the Japanese evacuation and surrender. You provide useful insights into those periods. The inclusion of maps, drawing and photos is a wonderful idea."

- Benjamin C. Garrett
FBI Senior Scientist
forensic laboratory
Weapons of Mass Destruction

"This book is a fascinating insight into a too-long overlooked chapter in our aviation history. Only diligent research, intelligent analysis and the ability to write well could provide the student of World War II with this new and riveting chapter of the greatest series of aerial battles of the war. It is sure to meet with widespread approval, considerable controversy and, logically, a film."

- Walter J. Boyne
military historian
National Air & Space Museum

You are obviously a pro, and your material is well written... I wish you well with this! It is great to see another chapter added, especially one that uncovers all new material.
Operation Cardinal by Bill Streifer

A spy mission disguised as a POW "mercy mission." Ridiculous, you say? Read "OSS in Manchuria: Operation Cardinal" by Bill Streifer, a featured article and cover-story in the Summer/Fall 2010 issue of the OSS Society Journal.

Your OSS article was great!
- Leigh Grant
daughter of Lieut. John Grant

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