Bill Streifer

Long Beach, NY (USA)

Long Beach, New York (USA)
[Bill Streifer's former residence]
before Hurricane Sandy
Bill Streifer, a resident of Inwood, New York (USA), has written articles on U.S. intelligence, POWs during WWII, North Korea's nuclear weapons program, and related subjects for,, and the Goldfish Club (England). He is also a regular constributer to the American Intelligence Journal. His cover story for the OSS Society Journal entitled "OSS in Manchuria: Operation Cardinal" is about a spy mission to Mukden, Manchuria at the end of WWII, disguised as a POW "mercy mission."

Irek Darvishevich Sabitov, a resident of Ufa, Bashkiria, South Urals (Russia), is an editor of the Bashkir Regional Supplement of Trud-7, one of Russia's largest-circulation weekly Russian newspapers. His father, Darvish Sabitov, took part in WWII as a commander of an anti-aircraft artillery section with the rank of Junior Lieutenant in 1944-45.

Ufa, Bashkiria (Russia)

Ufa, Bashkiria (Russia)


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